Life has many stories. And although there are thousands of media outlets, phones, televisions, computers, films, etc., with thousands of messages, shows, songs; in short, thousands of stories, from 3 seconds in length to hours long, what in fact, arouses our curiosity, what really attracts our attention, is the content of the story—what is its drama, what will happen next, how will it end?

Music has been an integral part of storytelling from the outset and probably was born with the first story ever communicated. Ever since, skilled musicians, songwriters, composers, and sound designers have helped to express in music and sound, many of the feelings proper to our human story: sadness, joy, hope, happiness, and love. Music, as well, has helped to unify all the aspects of a story, clarifying the overall meaning the tellers of stories strive to communicate in their beautiful prose, verse, or compelling images.

With over 25 years of experience composing, performing and producing music for stories, L-Sid knows how to create music and sound that helps tell your story.